Blog post week 2020-04: we got funding!

Development notes

These days, the development effort is mainly focused on channels. We've seen significant progress on that front, and even though the remaining work is huge, we can share the very first screen with you.

This link will bring you to our testing platform, and the new "Channel" screen. Next screens to be implemented are the user profiles, followed by the channel management and upload screens!

A NixOS package for Funkwhale

Someone has been working on a NixOS package for Funkwhale. Unfortunately, this person didn't have the time and energy to complete the task.

If you are familiar with NixOS packaging, or know someone who could be interested in helping with this effort, please have a look at the corresponding Pull Request on GitHub!

We're funded!

Today, we can share one of the most exciting news in the history of the project: Funkwhale is officially funded by the NLNet Foundation as part of their Discovery fund.

NLnet is a Dutch association that supports internet-related and open-source technologies and projects. We submitted a formal proposal back in October 2019, to ask them to support us, and they accepted, for an amount up to 48,000 euros!

This money will proceed to Eliot and Ginny, who dedicate a lot of time to the project, in order to give them the financial stability to continue for the forseeable future. Really soon, we'll also share more details regarding how the money will be affected in terms of roadmap items and features.

Many, many thanks to the folks at NLNet who trusted Funkwhale and decided to support us!