Nudie Birthday Photo Collage

Time really flies, Nudie.Social will be 4-Years-Young in January 2023!

To celebrate this special occasion, I invite all Nudie.Social members, and anyone on the Fediverse to participate in the…

Fun Photo Collage, 2022-23!

Lifting the idea from Photo Collage Supremo,, I’m looking for photos/self protraits/selfies from you to make a gigantic photo collage. The theme of this photo collage is:

🎂 Cake 🎂

Think birthday cakes, cupcakes, yummy treats.

Please send me a DM with your photo on or before 1/1/2023 to be included in the collage. My Fediverse username is

Christmas & New Year is a busy season, but I’ll try my best to post the finished collage on 4th Jan 2023.


  1. Photo is taken with consent from all parties shown in photo
  2. Photo must be original work by the submitter
  3. Submitter grant permission to Ninja to crop, adjust and include the photo in the collage
  4. Open to all users with a Fediverse handle (username)
  5. The finished collage will be publicly posted on Nudie.Social network and the Fediverse
  6. Photo dress code is clothing optional
  7. Your Fediverse handle (username) will be included alongside your photo in the finished collage; Please DM Ninja if you don’t wish your handle included
  8. Ninja reserves the right to not include your submitted photo in the final collage
  9. Photo must conform to Nudie.Social Community Guidelines

Have a lovely nude day, Ninja at Nudie.Social